Upcycle your life 2.0 Vorbereitungsbesuch

APV_Upcycle your life

From Friday, 18 May to Sunday, 20 May, our colleagues from Estonia, Poland, Bulgaria and Italy were here and prepared with us the International Youth Exchange in summer. The programme was developed all together. In addition, we have approved all the places where the Youth Exchange will take place. We slept in the Hostel and Garden Eden. With the Makerspace Restlos of the Mütterzentrum e.V. Leipzig a cooperation was agreed and the Makerspace of the Leisa gGmbH impressed our guests. Above all, however, she was impressed by the atmosphere in the cultural workshop KAOS! and the possibilities offered by our beautiful house in Wasserstr. 18 am See. Together we will present the results of our workshops on stage during the Loop Art Festival. Because what is more loop than upcycling? And because the preparatory meeting took place at Whitsun in Leipzig, an intercultural encounter at the WGT was of course also a must. One of our participants, who was already in Estonia last year, is Steampunker. He quickly equipped all the group leaders with a few accessories so that they could immerse themselves in the steampunk world for an hour.

The preparatory visit and the project „Upcycle your life – was possible thanks to the financial support of the European Commission within the framework of the ERASMUS+ Funding programme.

ERASMUS+ European Union funding programme

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