Training course ,“Game Zone – Developing an inclusive society through games“

How do you become a game developer? Three young people from Leipzig were able to find answers to this question during an international professional exchange in Malta. From 27 September to 4 October they took part in the project „Game Zone: Developing an inclusive society through games“.  The encounter of professionals was organised by the Malta UNESCO Youth Association.

Participants from eight different countries were invited. Besides Germany and Malta, they came from Kosovo, Slovenia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and Estonia. The aim of the project was to develop games which can be used in the field of non-formal education and which deal with social problems such as freedom of speech, discrimination, environmental protection, a healthy lifestyle and inclusion. The target group of the resulting games are young people in Europe. In addition to a short role play and the necessary theoretical input on the general game design, they worked in small groups. After just two days, six ingenious games were presented and tested. Until November, these games will be compiled in a collection handbook and made available to dedicated volunteers and youth workers. In addition, one of the participants will also present the games to our teammates. This professional seminar was supported by the European Commission within the framework of the ERASMUS+ programme.

ERASMUS+ European Union funding programme

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