Fast feet, slow food – international youth exchange from April 22 to 27

Three groups from Greece, Poland and Germany met here in Leipzig after their first encounter in Thessaloniki, Greece. Thanks to the project wir weit weg the German youngsters themselves helped organising the program. The participants, from 13 to 17 years old, spent a week full of workshops, activities and much fun. The theme of this project is Fast feet- Slow food. That is why this week had many sport activities, such as a parkour workshop, furthermore most of the days the food was completely vegetarian, super healthy!

The exchange took mostly place in Kulturwerkstatt KAOS, such a lovely house! Among the activities there were language animation, billard evening, city ralley, and also different workshops. There was a photography workshop, where the youngsters had the opportunity to make light painting. In addition, we had a video workshop, where the youngsters themselves recorded and edited a video about healthy exercises, and finally a writing workshop, where the participants became journalists and made interviews and finally a survey about healthy lifestyle.

After one week, the last day was hard for the whole group. Very beautiful things were said between the participants like „thanks for all the good jokes“, „thank you for being such a good friend“ or simply “thanks for everything“. We ended the youth meeting with the loveliest evening: private concert, disco party and campfire!

Saying goodbye was heartbreaking and all the participants hope to meet again in a new project in Poland, although we don´t know if it will be possible.

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