„Mein Bild, sein Bild, unser Bild!“

From the 15th to the 18th June, two groups from Germany and Poland came together in Leipzig for an exchange that would bring them together again after their first meeting in Poland a year ago.

The exchange took place at the Helmholtz School and was full of fun activities. The young people painted a large mural with graffiti that read „Mein Bild, dein Bild, unser Bild“ (my picture, your picture, our picture) and „united, not divided“. The mural was so beautiful that the next day we printed T-shirts with photos of the mural. During the whole encounter the youngsters could use instant print cameras, they loved it! They spent lot of time taking pictures of each other, finally on the last day they created their own personal photo album with their favoutire pictures.

Luckily several people spoke both German and Polish, so they did the work of interpreters, so the languages of the exchange were German and Polish, therefore everyone could express themselves in their mother tongue and understand everything perfectly. Of course the participants used English to communicate with each other.

Unfortunately the exchange lasted less time than expected, so the young people enjoyed every moment to the maximum and ended up really tired.

This youth exchange was possible thanks to the the financial support of the German Polish Youth Organization (Deutsch Polnischen Jugendwerks) and the Free State of Saxony from funds of the budget decided by the Saxon State Parliament.


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