Memopolis – Youth Mobility Anjala, Finland

From 25th to 31st July 2022 the participating youth groups from Portugal, Finland, Germany and Greece met in Anjala (Finland) for the physical part of the Blended Learning Mobility within the Memopolis-project to bring together their ideas of how to create content, characters and stories on the platform.

The blended mobility’s aim was to cohesively work on the game platform – to add visuals, finish/ unite quests & create challenges. When before the work was done in each country individually, then during the week in Anjala, Finland all the country groups had the chance to unite their visions/ ideas as well as already created materials. This was necessary in order to see the bigger picture of the project and to connect the storylines of each participating country.

The days started with an energiser and/or an active group activity after which game-development workshops followed. Depending on the days, the country groups were either mixed up or they stayed together as their language-based-group (if the present tasks were best to be completed in everyone’s native languages). The workshops varied from story-telling rounds, game platform betterment discussions or actual material collections (in forms of pictures, videos, voice memos, etc.,).


The biggest difference in the implementation of the blended mobility week and the expectations were that since the game platform was not yet developed enough nor available for use, the tasks were limited. Since many aspects of the creation depended on the game-developers (RotXBlau Team) & the process of the platform (technically), the importance of the on-spot activities and motivation of the country-groups throughout the exchange in Anjala was challenged. Despite the difference in expectations and reality of the blended mobility, the week was overall successful, educative and full of positive impact when it comes to the progress and gain of Memopolis platform.

The Strategic Partnership is funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action.

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